Commensurate with the actual costs of University employee time and resources, fees shall be charged for the retrieval, review (e.g. processing, examining and redacting), and productions of public records. Payment of total estimated fees is required in advance of records production.

In accordance with K.S.A. 45-219, the University has established the following fee schedule:

  • Staff rate for retrieval and/or review: based upon employee’s annual salary/hourly pay rate
  • Outsourcing retrieval and/or review: actual cost incurred by University
  • Specialized computer retrieval: $75/hour
  • Digital transmission or mailing fee: $1.50
  • Copying: 10 cents per page

If the actual cost in time and resources exceeds the fee estimate, the requester will be billed for the balance of fees incurred, with full payment required before records production. If the actual cost incurred is less than the fee estimate, the requester will be refunded any difference over $5.00.

Payment must be made at the Office of Financial Operations in Jardine Hall, 2nd floor.