Robinson vs. WSU et. al, Case No. 16-2138-DDC-TJJ Settlement and Release Agreement

A copy of the Settlement and Release Agreement by and between Wichita State University, Dr. John Bardo, and Dr. Wade Robinson is provided. The parties have agreed that this agreement resolves their legal differences and therefore will not be commenting further. This completes your KORA request.

All Beta Theta Pi fraternity disciplinary/conduct records from 2009 to 2019

Andrew: Your request is very broad and requires many hours to research, retrieve, review and redact records that you may not have intended to request. If you withdraw this request and want to resubmit a request that doesn’t include matters that are just info only or Educational Conversations the estimate of costs to research, retrieve, review and redact of $2,379.60 would likely be much less.

Invoices for DOG WASTE BAGS for the past 2 years

WSU recently completed a “Pet Pathway” that includes dog waste bags at various stations along the path. These were acquired in January, 2019 from Pet Waste Eliminators. Payment was with private donations for pathway signage dedicated to this project. The total cost was $1,529.19. If you still need the invoice please allow a few more days to retrieve it. Thank you for your interest.

Emails between WSU Vice President of Student Affairs and WSU Director of Advertising regarding advertising in The Sunflower

The estimated cost to retrieve is $43 based on 1 hour at $43 per hour. When we know how many emails (if any) exist, the length and time needed to review and redact a complete cost estimate will be provided. Do to the retriever’s schedule, there will be a delay in calculating the entire cost estimate. Hopefully it will be available by the end of this week.