Wichita State University conducted a search of the records in WSU’s possession and control consistent with your request below:

• ICAA’s “Financial Statements” for the FY 2000 – FY 2020.
• The student fee binders for FY 2000- FY 2020

With regard to your first request, attached please find ICAA’s financial statements for fiscal years 2000 – 2010. This completes your first request.

With regard to your second request, a preliminary search has revealed potentially thousands of pages in responsive documents, each of which will need to be reviewed. Pursuant to WSU’s policies, the University may charge a fee for such review, with payment required up front. In the alternative, you may arrange a time with our office to inspect these records in person. Any requested copies of records will be assessed a fee as set forth in WSU’s policies. Finally, you might wish to consider narrowing the scope of this request by providing us with the key search terms you want us to use, the subject matter you are searching for, and/or other parameters, which could reduce any potential fee, as well as the time it will take to respond to your request. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. Please note that the university will not take any further action on this request until being advised of how you would like to proceed.