You have requested all available records for certain athletics employees from Wichita State University regarding the following: (1) Current employment contract and salary (Letter of intent, form agreement, or applicable document / record which shows annual compensation and start/end date of employment). If an employee does not have a formal written agreement, please provide (ideally in a spreadsheet or table format): Name, Compensation, and Start/End Date (or write “At Will” if applicable); (2) Most recent outside income form (ideally 2019-2020 fiscal year) including Sports Camps for any employee if available. Attached are all available records.

You have also requested a copy of any contract or written agreement in force (i.e., signed, fully executed) between the University and/or its Department of Athletics (or its affiliates) and third parties regarding all of the following categories of subject matter: (1) Apparel, (2) Concessions, (3) Multimedia, (4) Ticketing, (5) Trademark, (6) Outsourced Ticketing, and (7) Merchandising. The contracts you have listed are the most current versions for each category. Accordingly, no additional records are available for this portion of the request.