Wichita State University conducted a search of the records in WSU’s possession and control consistent with your request below:

(1) A document — including but not limited to, a payroll record — showing the current annual base salary for women’s basketball coach Keitha Adams.
(2) A document — including, but not limited to a payroll record — showing the current annual compensation for men’s basketball interim head coach Isaac Brown, including any amount he is receiving above the amount stated in his Notice of Appointment for fiscal year 2020-2021 that he is receiving as consideration for serving as the interim head coach.
(3) A copy of any list of bonuses for which Isaac Brown is eligible this season, including a list that is part of a departmental policy regarding bonuses.

With regard to your first and second requests, attached are all records in WSU’s possession responsive to your request. With regard to your third request, there are no records available. All fees for this request have been waived. The University now considers request #1238 closed. Thanks!