The University is only required under the Kansas Open Records Act to provide records that are in the form that the public agency possesses and has the capacity to reproduce. We are not required to create records or information. The University does not possess, nor do we compile in a record, the information in the form or manner that you have requested it.However, in an effort to accommodate your request, we have compiled the information you have requested through a search of the files that are accessible. The data below is based on the information that is available and was compiled to the best of our abilities:

Based on the information available:
1 student report of a Title IX offense. The offense was formally investigated under WSU Policy in place at that time. Respondent found responsible of violating University Policy. Received a sanction other than separation from the University.

Based on the information available: 0 cases match the request

Based on the information available: 0 cases match the request

AY 2018-2019
No information matching the request

AY 2019-2020
2 Formal Investigations, 2 findings of responsibility, one sanction suspension, one sanction other than expulsion/suspension/dismissal.
3 Informal Resolutions

AY 2020-2021
No information matching your request.

WSU considers this KORA request #1736 closed.