WSU conducted a search of the records in WSU’s possession and control consistent with your request below:

1. Any and all communication, written or electronic, between members of the athletics department and St. Louis-based Tueth Keeney regarding an investigation into the men’s basketball program, including but not limited to a final report of that investigation.

You can find the Letter of Engagement by and between WSU and Tueth Keeney on our Open Records Request Log. Additional records responsive to this request are being withheld pursuant to K.S.A. 45-221(a)(2) and K.S.A. 45-221(a)(11). Additionally, the University hereby denies your request on the basis of K.S.A. 45-218(e), as the request places an unreasonable burden on the University in producing records. Accordingly, WSU considers request #954 closed. Thanks!