Robinson vs. WSU, Case No. 18 CV 652 Settlement Agreement

WSU specifically denied any allegations made in the case that it failed to comply with the Kansas Open Records Act. The settlement agreement, linked below, was entered into by WSU to avoid further litigation and attorney’s fees/expenses. A Journal Entry of Dismissal with Prejudice will be filed ending this case upon payment of $5,000 by WSU to Robinson’s attorneys.

Student Records for an individual

The records you have requested are protected and not subject to an open records request. However, since they are your records, your request has been sent to our Registrar who can provide you the information upon contact and confirmation of any information needed.

B0001521, Data Management Solution

The records are available in your other request regarding the same B0001521 and should be attached in a zip file but should also be accessible in the WSU public Records Log on the public information web page at

Written correspondence referring to Kelly Mar

It will take some time to estimate the costs to gather and review any records related to this request. Please allow a couple of weeks for this task. There are 38 key search terms requested; the search terms are requested for 9 e-mail accounts each, so 342 searches total. Each search is estimated to take 30 minutes so 171 hours. This does not include text compilation from mobile devices and WSU can”t perform that task.