These records were voluntarily provided without a formal KORA request but they are being uploaded to the Request Log for others with interest.
It will take some time to estimate the costs to gather and review any records related to this request. Please allow a couple of weeks for this task. There are 38 key search terms requested; the search terms are requested for 9 e-mail accounts each, so 342 searches total. Each search is estimated to take…
The 2018-2019 Calendar is an ongoing work in progress and draft with appointments that will be added, modified or be deleted through out the year. What is being provided is merely a snapshot as of the date the calendar was obtained so you should not rely upon the information contained.
There are no funds by this name. However, the requester confirmed they wanted to know what funds were used for “Shocker Sound Machine” startup costs and that information was provided on July 26, 2018.