11.25.19: The records to review had to be retrieved and reviewed manually. Please remit payment per WSU policy 20.01 https://www.wichita.edu/about/policy/ch_20/ch20_01.php

11.21.19: The MBB 2019-20 nonconference game contracts are already available on this log at https://openrecords.wichita.edu/view-request-log/entry/488/
This request is completed.

11.12.19: Documents supporting the following information can be made available but retrieval and redaction will likely result in an estimated cost. The following is responsive to your request:
$420 for overtime hours paid WSUPD officers that worked two events (Barr/Pompeo). $275 for cleaning LETC. (Barr). $220 for facilities to prepare MWC. (Pompeo). I hope to have information from WSU Tech for the “Trump” visit within the next week.
11.14.19: A summary from WSU Tech of the requested information is attached. You previously received a summary of WSU information. This request is completed.

11.21.19: The calendar request was modified by you and limited to include only trips related to Woolsey Hall. The records attached are what was available as of 11.19.19. This request is completed.

11.12.19: Please see the attached responsive information. When trying to satisfy the request for emails, there were too many hits using search terms. You can try to narrow the search in a new request but normally email searches result in estimated expenses of at least three figures. In addition, please be advised that the major cost of the room was the architectural design and the construction cost. However, if a High School was wanting to put in an e-sports room and the room already had appropriate HVAC system, lighting and painting then you would not have to pay for the majority of the cost WSU paid to have this project completed.
The E-Sports Hub at the Heskett Center had an HVAC system that was built for a storage space which required a redesign the room and install a custom HVAC and lighting system.
The telecommunications expense (running the wires and making sure we had “gamming speed” ethernet connections) & the cost of the computers, gaming chairs, table & peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitor, mousepad) are the key expenses when building an e-sports room.
On going cost: someone completes weekly updates of the games because WSU installed “deep freeze” on the computers that stops people from downloading games or other applications. This will probably take an hour once a week.
Other on-going cost: may exist but the room hasn’t been open long enough.
This request is completed.