10.30.19: The final contract has not been completed and, when completed, will be a State of Kansas Department of Administration Agreement that WSU will be asked to sign. It may be up to 30 days before the record is completed.

10.8.19: A key individual needed to assist with this request is out of the office. Given the broadness of the request and the availability of those needed to retrieve and review the records, it will be several more days before an estimate of costs can be determined. In addition, it will be at least 10.18.19 before the records or, in the alternative an update will be available, depending on the estimate of costs and advance payment of them.
10.31.19: Please see the attached spreadsheet. This request is completed.

10.8.19: The estimate of costs may change based on the clarification provided by the requester via email late in the evening on 10.7.19
10.8.19: The records requested are being retrieved and, after review for redaction, will be made available. They may not be available until 10.18.19 but will be provided sooner, if possible.
10.10.19: The requestor clarified/modified this KORA request late on 10.7.19. The request now asks for categories of all graduate assistants covered by the Graduate Assistant Procedure Manual, including the number of students filling those roles as well. As far as the second and third requests are concerned, for those, it includes just the GTA’s who provide direct instruction per the Graduate Assistant Procedure Manual. The records requested, as clarified/modified are more readily available so the estimated cost is now $0. The records should be available by Monday, October 14, 2019.
10.14.19: The records in response to the modified request are attached. This request is completed.

10.8.19: An estimate of costs will be provided for retrieval and review of the email correspondence requested. So far there are no record of any university expenditures. The estimate of costs will hopefully be available by 10.16.19.
11.1.19: It has been agreed that discussions will take place, next week, with the requester before this request is completed.
11.12.19: The remainder of this request has been withdrawn

10.2.19: The requested information is already located on the WSU Request log at https://openrecords.wichita.edu/view-request-log/