Winthrop request for Athletic employment agreements 2019-2020

The requested records are to be returned by the employee by the end of August, 2019. For the most recent records, please go to the WSU record request log at
11.1.19: Thank you for your patience. The requested information is provided in addition to some you didn’t specifically request. This request is now completed.

Annual budget dollars allocated specifically to your office for diversity, equity, and inclusion

7.17.19: Before we can complete your request we need clarification from you as it impacts the estimated costs to retrieve, review and redact records. Our institution has an Office of Diversity and Inclusion within the Student Affairs Division and also has a separate Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. In addition, there may be many other Divisions and Departments that touch on diversity, equity and inclusion. The estimated costs will be significantly higher if your request includes everything described, above. Please clarify or confirm. See entry #190

U.S. Department of Defense contracts awarded Wichita State University from January 1, 2010 to July 9, 2019

7.12.19: Chance, we are working on the cost estimate as authorized by law and WSU policy 20.01. Your request is very broad. Since the request goes back 10 years it predates our electronic record keeping system. It will likely be the end of next week before the cost estimate is available. Narrowing the request to the last 3 years may save some time and expense.