WSIA Investments Corporation stockholder information

7.1.19: WSIA Investments Corporation issued 1,000 shares of common stock to Wichita State Innovation Alliance, Inc. on July 25, 2014. WSIA is the sole shareholder. The certificate of stock is held by the Director of Finance, who is out on vacation until July 8.
7.8.19: The WSIA IC stock certificate is now attached. This response is completed.

Interpretation requests between the university’s athletic department compliance staff and the NCAA, since Jan. 1, 2019

6.20.19: The information needs to be retrieved, reviewed and possibly redacted. It is expected to be completed by June 28, 2019.
11.1.19: The information has been retrieved and reviewed. Redaction should be completed by the end of next week.
11.1.19: Thank you for your patience. 2 requests are being provided. This request is completed.