The requested records are available and can be found by going to the WSU Request log, clicking on your request and scrolling through the page that appears at that time. If questions, please ask and this request is now complete.
You previously received email communication from Student Health. We have checked and we do not have any immunization records at Student Health. Student Health would advise you to contact the Board of Education where you attended High School. They keep records for a number of years and may still have yours.
Attached please find the redacted information in response to this request. This matter is now completed.
FERPA only allows certain information to be shared which is as follows: the student was enrolled as a UG fall 2009 through spring 2013, when he earned a Bachelor’s degree; was enrolled as a GR fall 2013 through spring 2015 but did not complete a graduate degree. If you believe there is an exception in…
Information previously provided is the most current. However his salary was not included then and it is $53,267 annually.
Information previously provided is the most current.