General Pest Control contract

This information has already been provided to you and is also available on the WSU purchasing website and the link is included. Patton was awarded Group 2 for Termites, Groups 1 (structural pest) and Group 3 (Bed Bugs) were awarded to Schendel. The award is attached.

Records relating to restrictions and settings concerning the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Wichita State University

The requested portable network graphic (.png) records are attached. Please note the personal pictures of the individuals have been redacted. Although K.S.A. 45-219(a) does not require our agency to provide copies of pictures or graphics (.png files) this agency is voluntarily providing them. By providing them this agency is not waiving any rights afforded it under this statute or other statutes regarding the providing of records. This request is completed.

Robinson vs. WSU, Case No. 18 CV 652 Settlement Agreement

WSU specifically denied any allegations made in the case that it failed to comply with the Kansas Open Records Act. The settlement agreement, linked below, was entered into by WSU to avoid further litigation and attorney’s fees/expenses. A Journal Entry of Dismissal with Prejudice will be filed ending this case upon payment of $5,000 by WSU to Robinson’s attorneys.