It will take some time to estimate the costs to gather and review any records related to this request. Please allow a couple of weeks for this task. There are 38 key search terms requested; the search terms are requested for 9 e-mail accounts each, so 342 searches total. Each search is estimated to take 30 minutes so 171 hours. This does not include text compilation from mobile devices and WSU can”t perform that task.

Earlier update. This request will require additional time to determine the estimated costs and, if necessary review and possible redaction. We hope to have the estimate of costs by the end of next week.
Update 9-7-18 the requester has been asked the following: We are working through this request but need clarification from you 1) What is considered travel? Transportation, lodging, meals and entry fees? Does your request include national conventions and recruiting? Do you just want totals by category and sport or detailed transactions? As you can tell by these questions the answers will impact the estimate costs and time to respond.
Update 12-10-18 after not hearing back from the requester after the 9-7-18 response this request is denied per KSA 45-218(e) as unreasonable burden but if you can better define your request as described above we can try again.

The cost proposals are attached and it is presumed the technical proposals were not part of your request.

Two responses to the RFP (UMB and Sunflower) were eliminated because they were physically located outside of the 3-mile proximity to campus that was part of the specification and a cost comparison was performed of the remaining two proposals which led to the award to Commerce Bank as being the lowest cost to WSU. The attached information should complete this request, thank you.

The requested information should be contained in the Kansas Board of Regent’s link provided

The requested documents are already available to the public through the Kansas Board of Regent’s website and at this WSU website

Apparel contract and MBB Employment agreements

The 2018-2019 Calendar is an ongoing work in progress and draft with appointments that will be added, modified or be deleted through out the year. What is being provided is merely a snapshot as of the date the calendar was obtained so you should not rely upon the information contained.